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The Ashland Talent Pool

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What It Is

I wasn't in the Ashland, Oregon area for more than a few months before I realized how much musical talent was actually concentrated in this relatively small region. Singer songwriters, 70s music icons, studio players, film composers, sound designers, frontmen/women, side men and even a couple of young prodigies. Since then, I've made it my mission to build a roster of local musical "partners in crime" and to include them in my various projects. While creating a series of dark roots americana tracks (think TV shows like HBO's True Blood, FX's Justified and Sons Of Anarchy, AMC's Breaking Bad) last winter, I decided to make this strange group of musical humans into an official entity, hence; The Ashland Talent Pool herby referred to as ATP. Expect some cool shit to come out of this!


Only The Dead Sleep Well / Project 01

What It Is

This particular project features:
Bret Levick: vocals, guitars, keys, bass, production
Jeff Pevar: guitars, slide guitars, bass, BG vocals
Frankie Hernandez: vocals, rap
Craig Wright: vocals, guitar
Dirk price: guitar, vocals
Don Harriss: keys
Shay Godwin: drums
Marcella Ruikis: vocals
Inger Jorgenson: vocals
Shannon Harris: vocals