Bret Levick
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Anxious Annie

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What It Is

This collaborative project between synth guru/producer Brent Daniels (Brent Daniels, Hednoize) and Bret Levick is both unlikely and serendipitously perfect. While Levick shines in the organic guitar driven songwriter and rock styles, Daniels, whose influences range from Depeche Mode to NIN, is an extremely well versed in the design and manipulation of "unnatural" sound.

Levick & Daniels were socially introduced several years ago for being both LA transplants and two of the only "working" music producers in the Ashland, Oregon area and became fast friends vowing to collaborate on something as soon as their schedules cleared up.

Anxious Annie is the screaming child of their unholy union.

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Love As A Crime Scene / Single

What It Is

Anxious Annie will dislocate your psyche with this deliciously twisted industrial glam love song. A little NIN with a dash of Gary Glitter.

Bang Bang Bang / Single

What It Is

This electro-house influenced Anxious Annie track brings the funk and groove with pulsing synths and beats. Snatched up by MTV and featured in The Real World: San Diego before its official release;