Bret Levick
Songwriter | Composer
Recording Artist | Producer
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Bret Levick | Bio

Bret Levick is an acclaimed American rocker, edgy singer songwriter and renown lyricist. His moody swagger, thoughtfully crafted song writing & unique musical and vocal styles have been turning heads for almost two decades.

In the late 90's Levick co-created and fronted L.A. indie breakout band Gifthorse which included bassist Berry Oakley Jr. (son of the deceased Allman Bros bass player). Gifthorse was signed by So Cal indie label Pinch Hit records when the band’s first single "Heathers Arrest" charted up to #3 on commercial modern rock radio, a feat virtually unheard of for an indie band at the time.

Throughout the past decade, Bret's hooky songs have appeared in dozens of TV shows, trailers, commercials and feature films including ads for Nissan, Sprint, Samsung and Doritos - TV shows Sons Of Anarchy, Desperate Housewives, Boston Legal, Real World San Diego, Ugly Betty, NCIS, Grey's Anatomy - and feature films For Sale By Owner, 100 Girls, Dangerous Touch. In 2007, Levick was contracted by EMI to collaborate on a collection of "alternative rock" songs with award winning Lyricist Hal David.

Today Bret resides in the progressive, culturally rich town of Ashland, Oregon where he continues to write and produce for himself, for other artists and for TV and film. Levick also performs his massive catalog both locally and nationally as the frontman of his indie roots band LEFT. Recently, Bret has developed a passion for producing up and coming local artists including The Rogue Suspects, Kieran Devine and most recently an unusually talented teen indie rock band, "The Seaons".

There's a Bowie-esque aura to [Bret's] vocals, with enough twists and turns in direction between pace and melody to keep listeners attentive. This has a real throwback appeal, which could work its magic with modern and mainstream rock listeners who depend on the occasional dose of history with their current diet.
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